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Whisper is a Whisp designed by Steven Redmond to be four boats in one. It is great to row, sails at speed, can be used with an electric motor and would be at home in your living room or boatshed. We think it is worth a lot more than $875 but we need the space so that's the deal, you could not build it for $875 but needs as needs be it is for sale.

We let perfection happen

Kingfisher 01.JPG

Rhythm II

Sorry SOLD


Rhythm is done vs 2.jpg

1960's speed boat built to be strong powered by a 350 Chevy V8 the way ski boats were in the day. Never been in the water completed to 100% by the Classic Boatshed.

Heron by Eric Beer.JPG

Heron with the lot, a genuine Eric Beer built plywood example. Comes with rigging in good condition ready to go sailing. Only $xxx

Sea Horse 02.JPG
Kingfisher is one of the Iain Oughtred designed Acorn rowing skiff. She is 17ft in length built by the experts at The Classic Boatshed. Kingfisher comes with two set of oars, has fixed thwarts and a trolley. For sale at only $4,950 which represents great value for money in anyone's language.

Seahorse is something special too good to try to explain it is a wood workers dream complete with rigging an ready to sail at only $xxxx. Take it for a TIS

Every detail covered by craftsmen and women

Pittwater Rowing Scull 002.JPG

Pittwater Rowing Scull

Designed by marine design expert David Payne, built at the Classic Boatshed asking X,XXX each but one has sold so be quick.


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