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Nutshell 1 Pram Sailing Dinghy
Length: 2.4m; Beam: 1.2m
Weight: ~45kgs
Price includes sail, mast, boom, rudder, tiller, centre-board, oars, rowlocks
Marine ply and epoxy glue with stainless steel fastenings where required
Mirror dinghy 09.JPG
Mirror dinghy
LOA; 10ft 10inches 3.3 metres
Beam; 4ft 7 inches 1.39 metres
Draft 4 inches
Draft board down 28 inches
Rig; Bermudar
Trailer not included
Includes spars rig and sails
201126 Nutshell Pram No 3 For Sale Sign

Nutshell 3 Pram Rowing Dinghy


Length: 2.3m; Beam: 1.3m
Weight: ~45kgs

Price includes oars and rowlocks

Marine ply and epoxy glue