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Boats we have breathed life into
2020-08-08 10.10.54.jpg
Scruffie was donated and restored to like new SOLD soon after now doing RAID around NSW
Neville's Life Boat gets a new deck over the fibreglass hull
Billy Brown 03.JPG
Billy Brown 05 jump shot.JPG
Billy Brown (above)was donated and fully restored after being found in a shed in Rathmines. SOLD to the Equestrian Centre in Sydney's west where Billy Brown was converted into a horse jump.
Billy Fisher c outboard.jpg
Billy Fisher (above) built clinker rowing skiff had been in the same family for many years. Originally kept on Dangar Island for transfers to Brooklyn. Refurbished by LMCBA and SOLD.
Bill Wright 02.JPG

Billy Wright (Left) was built in the hills behind Kotara in the 60's, used by the family on holidays to the Mid North Coast and eventually stored in a shed on the farm till it was donated to us at LMCBA.

Noddy was a netting boat on the Lake, fibre glas sheaved and cabin added by LMCBA now located on Stony Creek.

Rascal on the lake April 2022 05.JPG

Little Rascal, if Colin Chapman had built boats rather than Lotus sports/racing cars he would definitely have built a boat like The Rascal

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