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Boatfest 2023 is on
Sunday 5th February 2023
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Call Bill for details 0428 59 9953
Boat Bits Bonanza 2023


Lake Macquarie Classic Boat Association welcomes men and women who are interested in building

and restoring small boats, particularly those made of timber.

We are best known as the CLASSIC BOATWORKS of Lake Macquarie

Our Association was formed in 2010 to take over the running of an annual Boatfest event held on Lake Macquarie

at Toronto.  It commenced in 1988 as "Heritage Afloat" and ran for 30 years, under a range of umbrellas,

until it was ended officially in 2018.


In 2013, the Association took out a lease on buildings at Rathmines, the ex-ablutions block and a retired electrical generator sub-station from the days of the World War 11 Catalina base, and so the Lake Macquarie Classic Boatshed was established, a place where men and women gather to work on, restore and build timber boats.











The kettle goes on in Workshop 1 around 10.15 and we welcome visitors.

From 2016, Boatfest was moved to Rathmines Park, and changed to a Boaties Picnic that re-introduced the boatie element that had been lost as the Toronto event grew and grew.  Boatfest runs in association with Lakefest, an annual event that celebrates boating-related activities on Lake Macquarie over 10 days at the end of February and the beginning of March.

SHEARWATER in the water at last

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Rhythm motor is a Chevie V8 running in vitro comes with a fully complete clinker hull in utility design registered trailer. asking $27,500 

The Classic Boatshed is 
Tuesday and Thursday from 8 am

See us at 
Marmong Point
Boat Show
5th November 
2022 or call
Bill 0428 599953
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